How to Set Tidal Music as Ringtones

Personalized ringtones can show your character and taste. If you are a Tidal user and want to use the Tidal songs that you love as a ringtone, you’d better put an eye on this article. In 'Part 1', we offer an efficient way to download Tidal Music to computer for saving, while 'Part 2' gives you a free way to DIY your own ringtone. Let's start it now!

set tidal music as ringtones

Magic Tool - Tidabie Tidal Music Converter

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter is designed for all Tidal users to download Tidal audio files to computer. What Tidabie offers is a platform that supports combining downloads and converting in bulk. Giving more options in format selection, it supports converting Tidal music files to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF format, which makes it possible to play Tidal Hi-Fi music on multiple devices in different systems. Meanwhile, almost all ID3 tags will be remained after conversion.

Box of Tidabie Tidal Music Converter

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter

  • Download Tidal songs, playlists, albums and podcasts.
  • Convert Tidal tracks to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, and AIFF formats.
  • Keep Hi-Fi audio quality & 10x download speed.
  • Retain ID3 tags of downloaded songs.
  • Save Tidal songs to local for offline listening.
  • Archive downloaded songs by album or artist.
  • Batch convert any TIDAL playlist or album

Part 1: Download Tidal Music to Computer

To get Tidal audio files on computer, please install the latest Tidabie Tidal Music Converter on computer as your first step. Then you are ready to go.

STEP 1 Log In to Your Tidal Music Account

Launch Tidal Music Converter and click the 'Open Tidal Web Player' button at the first interface to open the built-in Tidal Web Player. Then follow the instruction to log in to your Tidal account.

log in to tidal
STEP 2 Customize Output Settings

Now click the 'Settings' icon from the menu bar to customize the output settings in advance. Tidabie supports converting Tidal Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, ALAC and AIFF format. Moreover, it provides the best 320kbps audio quality for all users. Make the settings of you willing then close the window directly to apply these settings.

Convert Settings

  • Output Format: MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC
  • Output Quality: 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps

Output Settings

  • Output Folder: You can choose to change it or not
  • Output Organized: None, Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist
customize output format
STEP 3 Select Tidal Music to Download

Open a song, playlist or album that you want to download, click the blue 'Click to add' icon to add tracks to Tidabie. Tick the certain tracks you want, then click on 'Convert' to download.

add tidal music to download
STEP 4 Downloading Tidal Music

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter offers a 10X conversion speed to download Tidal audio files. It will shorten your waiting time.

start coversion
STEP 5 View Download History

Once the process is done, click on the 'Converted' icon from the menu bar to view the download history. You can click the 'Open Folder' icon of each song to open the local file on computer. Then you can use these Tidal tracks as your ringtones. If you want to DIY your own ringtone, please go to 'Part 2' to see how.

view download history

Part 2: DIY Your Own Tidal Music Ringtones

You just get the real Tidal audio files by following the steps in 'Part 1'. Sure, you can use these songs as the ringtone directly, however, if you want to DIY your personalized ringtone, we recommend you to use this free ringtone maker to make this.

Box of Syncios Manger

Syncios Ringtone Maker

Syncios Ringtone Maker provides a platform to DIY your own ringtone. Try to edit different sounds of audio and make personalized ringtones. Syncios Ringtone Maker can also convert ringtone to different audio formats. Just do a couple of steps to gain your own fashioned ringtone! Learn More →

STEP 1 Launch Syncios Mobile Manager

Please download and install Syncios Mobile Manager on computer, this program is totally free. You can use it to manage your iPhone and Android data.

Launch it and go to 'Toolkit' module to use the 'Ringtone Maker' tool.

lsyncios ringtone maker entrance
STEP 2 Open Ringtone Maker

This is the main interface of 'Ringtone Maker'. Click on 'Select from computer' to add downloaded Tidal Music files.

ringtone maker interface
STEP 3 Select Tidal Audio Files

Direct to 'Tidabie Tidal Music Converter' folder and find the song that you want to set as ringtone, click 'Open' to import.

add tidal music to ringtone maker
STEP 4 Customize Personalized Tidal Ringtone

Play the song and click 'Set Start' and 'Start End' to set the starting point and ending point. Then you can click 'Audition' to check the edited ringtone. You can choose to fade in or out the melody, then click 'Save to Computer' to save.

making tidal ringtones
STEP 5 Output Tidal Ringtone

Syncios supports to output ringtone in the type of iOS or Android format. Choose the saving path and the type you want, rename the ringtone and click 'Save' to output your ringtone.

save tidal ringtones
STEP 6 View Tidal Ringtone

And now you can open the output folder to check your personalized Tidal ringtones, you can import them on your iPhone or Android devices for use.

check tidal ringtone


Well, the above is what we recommend to set Tidal Music as a ringtone. The most important thing is to extract the audio files from Tidal, then you will be able to edit your characteristic ringtones. Hope this can help you.

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